Presta Blue Blended Wool Medium Cutting Pad - 9" Screw-On Pad [890164]

Presta Blue Blended Wool Medium Cutting Pad - 9" Screw-On Pad [890164]

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Blue Blended Wool Medium Cutting Pad - 9" Screw-On Pad

Blended wool, medium cut compounding pad effectively removes 2000 grit and lighter sanding scratches on fresh paint, choose the size and connection type to fit your needs.

9" Screw-On Pads: Double-sided, 9" in diameter and feature 1-1/2" thick wool pile. Attachable with double-sided adapter.

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I brought in my 2008 Toytoa Tundra for a new radio head unit. Sean was extremely professional and helped me pick out a Kenwood unit with built in GPS. He even installed a front and rear camera set up which makes parking my truck so much easier. The best part is how dependable this new head unit is. Several months later, and I have no issues with it. I'll definitely be back in the future for more upgrades.

Mark Calaguio
Toms River, NJ

Great shop in town. We work together all the time. Nothing but good things to say about Sean and his team.

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