HoseCoil Side Mount Expandable Enclosure w/50 Hose  Rubber Tip Nozzle [HCE50SW-GRAY]

HoseCoil Side Mount Expandable Enclosure w/50 Hose Rubber Tip Nozzle [HCE50SW-GRAY]

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Side Mount Expandable Enclosure with 50′ Hose & Rubber Tip Nozzle

The Side Mount Expandable Enclosure is a great way to mount and store a 50’ hose on your boat. Designed for cockpit washdown, the enclosure is built with a strong acrylic-capped ABS material and incorporates a 50’ Expandable Hose with a rubber tip nozzle. This enclosure is designed to connect directly to your existing pressurized water system or raw water washdown pump. 


  • Gen3 Material Enhancements – The enclosure is built with a strong acrylic-capped ABS material. The excellent UV stability of the acrylic is combined with the durability of the ABS. We thermoform HoseCoil Enclosures in our Bend, Oregon warehouse because it’s the best way to provide a high-quality product with excellent high-gloss retention.
  • HoseCoil Expandable Hose – The 50′ expandable hose shrinks to one-third of its length for ease of storage and is built with a double-layered rubber inner tube and durable Dacron outer cover. Dacron is known for its tough and elastic properties. The hose easily coils and feels just like a quality 3/4″ braided dock line.
  • Rubber Tip Nozzle – The included rubber tip nozzle protects your boat surface from dings and scratches, and the over-molded comfort grip makes it easy to handle.
  • Reconfigurable Shutoff Valve – For a clean installation we recommend mounting through the bulkhead to cleanly connect to a designated washdown pump or into the boat’s freshwater plumbing system below decks. The valve can also be reconfigured to exit the bottom of the enclosure. This will allow convenient access to an external spigot in the cockpit. A feeder hose to connect to the Shutoff Valve to the external spigot is not included. The shutoff component is important for two reasons. First, water pressure needs to be removed from the expandable hose in order for the hose to shrink to its original size before it can be stowed back into the enclosure. Secondly, it is important to have a physical shutoff for source water when not plumbing to a designated washdown pump with its own electrical shutoff switch. If you ever need to remove or replace the hose, simply turn the shutoff knob on the valve and unscrew the hose from the fitting.
  • Nickel Chrome-Plated Stainless Steel Screws – We provide nickel chrome-plated 316 stainless steel tamperproof mounting hardware for security combined with a long-lasting shine.

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